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My name is Clark. Art is something that I have been exposed to and involved in my entire life. I have always felt that creative outlets were a necessary part of life and culture. As I've gotten older, I've realized that it's also necessary for mental health. Everyone needs an outlet of some sort. For me, that's been surfing, painting, drawing, writing, and DM'ing TTRPGs. Art has always been a really personal endeavor for me. On one hand, I love sharing what I'm doing with people (when I've created something I'm proud of), but on the other hand, I don't feel like anything I create is actually ever good enough. However, based on the feedback I've gotten from friends and family, I'm moving forward with a dream - to create a legitimate and published TTRPG module.

I got a taste of the work involved in creating a TTRPG module when I made Adventures in Babysitting (which can be purchased as an Extra, here on my page - members get a discount!). AiB was written for the amazing cyberpunk TTRPG, Lowlife 2090. If you haven't checked that game out, you really ought to. My current project, however, is a low-level D&D adventure (that is being written for D&D 5e under their Open Game License). It takes place on the world of Apata and it starts on a high plateau above the clouds with a lonely village that has been separated from the rest of the world for the last nearly 900 years. This story follows the party as they discover the history of their people that their elders kept secret and possibly even the source of the hands of the divine that are pulling many of the strings. 

If you want to actually become a part of the story, then please consider purchasing a membership. If you purchase the Roleplayer level membership, I will create a magical item or a new spell (in collaboration with you) that is named after you. This item or spell will be available for the players' characters to use/purchase in-game. At the Game Master level, you will get access not only to work-in-progress posts but some of my brainstorming ideas and processes. At this level of support, I will collaborate with you to turn you into an NPC that will appear somewhere in the game at some point.

All supporters will appear in a special Thank You section on the credits page of the book. 

Thank you for your membership and support!