Buy Will0 a coffee


Building Open Source tools, Pebble Apps and Services, and more.

Hi 👋. I build stuff for fun, but it takes time and money to run and maintain the apps and services. I don't charge for them, but if you want to buy me a coffee to say thanks, I'll be your friend.

Namely, I run (and built) the pebble timeline proxy for ifttt, which lets you connect If-This-Then-That to your rebble-powered pebble smartwatch. People asked for more features, so I added those. I built the first rebble dev portal, which I then turned into the official rebble dev portal. Other pebble projects I'm working on include a Monzo banking app, a new home assistant app, and the all-new dev portal. Oh, and I built and maintain the pebble developer VM.

That's the short version. All of these projects are free, but if you want to toss a few $/£/€ my way to keep the lights on, it'll be appreciated!