- New menu interface on Couples trainer

- new Game-mode "Stories", you can use this mode for role-playing games ; )

- Add  first story "Whore by Mistake" with 31 animation scene

- The Complete List of 59 Sexual Fetishes and Kinks

- Kink lists for BDSM guide with crosscheck and a selection of tasks

- Animations and illustrations load faster now


Next Update:

- Second story "Mistress warden", script itself and the scenes are ready, it remains to finish the animation

- The third story about the Countess of Vampires, which I showed, will be a little more than just a story, there will be several options for making decisions for the character that will affect the continuation of the story, I will try to finish the animation for her this week, but I can not 100% promise this, although the story itself and the gameplay is ready

-  While the filter, after filling in the kink list, is working by both partners, but the tasks themselves by category are not yet available, I plan to add the three stories already listed above to the selection, and categories will also be added based on the results of the vote

Thank you for sharing your opinion on the game and supporting me. :)