The dream:

I am floating, perhaps 4 or 5 feet off the ground, and the breeze is moving me along, I realize I am floating over marshy land, and some places the water is crystal clear and I can see the sandy and rocky floor beneath the water. I think I must be near an ocean because I can smell the salt in the air.

And as I am thinking that I can see a starfish and then small fishes in the clear water. The breeze is steady, and I am floating towards some bushes and a tree laden with great pink and red flowers.

As I get closer the "bushes" stand up and run away from me, like a herd of deer that has been startled by a predator. And as the wind blows me closer still, the "flowers" fly off in a large flock of great insects - beetlelike. The "tree" which I had thought to grab hold of as I blow closer, pulls itself into the ground, like an octopus pulling itself into a cave. And I continue to float over where it had been.

I try to affect my speed and direction by flapping and "swimming" in the air. Flapping allows me to alter course a little, and I have better luck using my arms as "rudders" to tack one way or another.

I begin to wonder if I will ever touchdown, and if it is even safe to do so, as I am blown past a series of boulders that are sliding faster than I am moving - on a flat surface. I am mesmerizing by the complicated dance of the boulders and smaller rocks, and the patterns they are carving into the soil as they are moving. Great circles, and spirals.


I hear a loud sound, realize it is someone in a car with a very loud sound system, and wake up.

Wishing you all a good Christmas Eve.