The dreams (I woke up a lot in the night):

I was assembling ornaments of some kind, they had "Lite Brite" little colored pegs that we were making into patterns on a black background, and little led lights behind it lit it up. I would pass them down the line to someone who put them into plastic bubbles. Further down, someone was testing them, and making the lights flicker or shift color. I looked up to see if there was a clock anywhere, because my hands were starting to ache, and there wasn't one to be seen.

Shifts: Back to the elephants, but this time we are sneaking through the outskirts of a human encampment. We can smell the gunpowder from their day of shooting things and the woods are riddled with spent shells and squashed bullets. When the elephants are safely past, one of my people sneaks back and sets the camp ablaze and throws a grenade into the ammo. Miles away we can hear the explosions.

Shifts: I am in an elevator, it is a glass elevator in a thick glass tube, and it moves very slowly to adjust to mounting pressure as it descends the waters and I eventually wind up in an undersea compound. Just before the elevator makes it to the roof of the buildings, I see a submarine coming towards the building. I briefly wonder how I will return to the surface if the submarine plows into the glass tower.

Shifts: I am in a cubicle in a long past job and across the aisle from me, someone has left their cigarette burning in their ashtray and the filter is burning. It smells awful, and I am gagging. All the while, trying to complete a project and paperwork that I know is due within minutes. I don't know where everyone else is.


I wake up. Tuesday. Hello out there. I don't know if any of you are reading these. But I wish you well, if you are.