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Born and raised in Athens Greece, I moved after the studies to Germany. I like to read, write, think, laugh, code, test, play and sport…

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You have helped me a ton with Scouts! We don't have a calendar export, but your tool makes it work!

Wow! Very generous of you :-) I thank YOU for your support. I am very glad the converter helped you too. Take care 🍀 and have an awesome day!

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Thanks so much for this tool - really useful for me!

You are welcome, how kind of you, thank you a bunch 👍🏻😀 take care 🍀

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Thank You for your converter. Enjoy your coffee

Oh, I thank you for the kind gesture and the coffee 👍🏻😀

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Saved me a ton of time :) Thank you.

Thank you a bunch for the coffees 👍🏻☕️  you are welcome, i am so glad my free converter helped you 😀

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ICS to CSV converter thx a lot

You’re welcome! Thank you for your support, I really appreciate it, stay safe 🍀