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When it comes to discussing wrestling, how many podcasts out there are able to truly capture the excitement of the squared circle and deliver it to you in an entertaining format on a weekly basis? How many can bring the wrestling fan out of you, whether you watch consistently or watch on a casual basis? Like seeing a high flyer coming off the top rope, or witnessing two super heavyweights clashing in the ring, the WrestleGo Podcast is here to deliver high impactful content which you can listen to every Monday and Friday at 8am EST. The WrestleGo Podcast brings together the host Devin Myers, and his co hosts Kyle Burcham and Jarrod Hosking and they recap and converse about everything in the hard hitting world of wrestling. From WWE, NXT, AEW and more - they leave no stone unturned as they cover every element of the weekly shows, PPVs, news and general talking points of the day. They also bring a Random Topic Friday every week, giving listeners the opportunity to pick the topic which they discuss in the episode. With every episode designed to give you the same feeling as watching a Wrestlemania5 star classic; if you are looking for THE definitive wrestling podcast then look no further than this one. With the hosts and guests bringing you deep wrestling knowledge along with lighthearted conversation and banter, WrestleGo is here to give you something you haven’t heard before or will hear after. We hope you enjoy your listen as we consider every single person that supports our podcast to be champions