Hi everyone! I thought I would come back here and check everything out. I realize I haven't been updating at all, however I just haven't had the motivation to write stories or continue the one I've been meaning to finish for a long time now. I have been thinking that I'm going to try and write a new story and come back to War of Swords when I have the drive to do so.  I have removed the D&D story that I had as an extra cost and will give you the link to check out if you are interested -... more

Jan 08

I know I haven't been here for a long time now. With another project taking 90% of my time its difficult to come sit down and write. Certain things are changing and I'm hoping I'm able to write again on the weekends as something relaxing to do. Please be patient with me! I would love to write and give you the continued story of War of Swords!  Thank you! WoV . ✒️ 

Aug 23

Days have been crazy busy. Hard for me to get out and write the stories for you guys. Today I have some freetime and will be writing something.

Jun 04

War of Swords Ep 2 has been finished!! Just have to do the touch up and prepare it in the proper fonts. Check back later to get the newest episode :) 

May 13

I was shown this great motivatioal video the other day. Its about how to find that drive to write or do anything that you love doing. I highly recommand this watch as it helped me realize quite a bit.

May 02

My deepest apologies for not posting for the longest time. I have to rework my schedule to fit in my writing. Today though I am writing but its something different than War of Swords. I'm writing/planning out my D&D story. I will post this for you to read once I am done. Its going to be quite interesting! . ✒️ 

Apr 28

I forgot to take a picture. Took some sips already and ate half my brownie. Not the best first
Jordan Peterson explains Creativity extremely well in this 50 minute lecture. I highly recommend
Tino Deák - Thank you again for support! The hopes for todays session is to finish off the first
Today is a home coffee. Weather isn't too nice to go for a walk to the coffeeshop . 
Season 2: Episode 1 of War of Swords is finished! I'm excited to hear what everyone thinks of the