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Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now Buy me a  Cup of Green Tea whenever the mood takes you.

I am a writer and poet  living in  rural France. I write both fiction, non-fiction and yes, poetry. I work with other artists to help them to develop their craft and bloom.

If you are able and would like to support my work, that's great!  Thank you. 

If you would like to join our community, and enjoy all the benefits of that then you are most welcome.  Membership - is where you get to peak behind the scenes. Get a look at a writer's day. 'How to do it like a pro, and more. Where I share my writing method, and let you know how it is really done. Show you the things every writer need to let go of so they can break free and write. You'll discover how you can too. Have a chance to look at membership only material. Get signed copies of any novel that comes out in paperback during the lifetime of your membership - the chance to work 1-1 with me on any 'On Writing' subject you like and so much more. Did I neglect to mention our Members only newsletter/ magazine keeping you up to date with all the news, to help take you forward. The nuts and bolts; practical stuff.

My work is designed to inspire and motivate. It's about developing our Craft. I am always listening. I can run workshops - sure, and I am always listening to my students and their questions. See, teaching and learning is a two way street. I often learn from my students in workshops - if the exchange is lively and heartfelt it's inevitable. It enriches the process for everyone.

Here you will find much to enjoy and be a part of. This is a place where your writing will keep getting better. Where you learn about practice, and become a fearless writer. You will learn how to turn off that critical voice and develop your creative voice. Writing is something to run with.  It's Fun.  If it is about Writing it has it's place here.

I Look forward to meeting  as many of you as possible. I am delighted to personally 'Welcome' you to my Buy me a Coffee page - or in my case? got it - A cup of green tea - A slice of pizza - Or a box of home-baked cookies will do just fine too. 

Again, Thank you.

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