Extract from - The Dark Side of The Street

Extract from - The Dark Side of The StreetThe walk to the resort complex where her friend was working out was just far enough for her to make it brisk and cardio healthy. It had become a habit. Whatever she was doing outdoors, she tried to turn that thing into some form of a workout if she could. She didn’t like gyms. Liked nothing better than being in the open. Cutty trained herself to use whatever came to hand and turn it inventively into a training aid. A bench would become a variant... more

Sep 29

An Inquiring Mind

Avi remembered everything. He could see it in his mind’s eye, the rolling lawns of the garden, the weeping willow near the top where he would hide and wait to pounce on his friends or his brother and sister. ‘Cowboys and Indians’ was his favorite. He would often take the part of an Indian brave. A warrior. He would paint his face to strike fear into his enemy. Beyond the garden there was a golf course which kept the house private.Avi loved the way the mind worked. He found... more

Sep 25

The Pearl

Aug 17

A New Day

Mar 26

Your World In Your Hands

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Poetry from the Heart
I'm a Person
Montana Haiku
Breath Haiku