Buy Wrongtermmemory a coffee



As you know we have been doing Wrong Term Memory for a while now and recently hit a milestone of 15000 downloads.  We think people are enjoying it and the reviews left on iTunes have been great so thank you for that. 

We do this in our spare time after doing our actual jobs. We don’t have adverts on the show (mainly because nobody has offered us one tbf) but we would both really like to increase production levels  on the show and add in more effects etc. To achieve that we need some more equipment, unfortunately expensive equipment so we are turning to you. 

This go fund me page would allow us each to get a Rode RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

Of course you’re under no obligation to support and we expect nothing but if you are in a position to throw a few £ or so our way to help then that would be amazing and it would all go towards making the pods better. 

Love you all Colin & Jack