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WTF: Phd was born out of my own experience getting my PhD. I felt like there had to be a better way and so I started to do what I did best: research.

And what I found was shocking: 50% of graduate students leave their programs before completion and 30% of people who enroll in graduate school will develop a mood disorder like anxiety or depression.

I wanted to know more so I started to ask all the graduate students I knew (and many I didn't) how their experience was.

What I found was that graduate students knew they could use more time to focus on their mental and physical wellness but they didn't have the time, the energy, or the money.

WTF: PhD was born with one mission: Help graduate students finish *well.* Because, really, what does it mean to cross the finish line if you do so while you're on fire?

For the past four years, the WTF: PhD team has been creating the resources we wish we had during our own PhD process. You can find many of these resources at the website below, but we wanted a way to bring coaching to more people so we started a podcast!

The podcast covers the most common topics we help our clients with but is completely free.

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