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We're at 262 coffees right now.  If we get to 300, and every 100 after, I will do a livestream Q&A!  But I want to do something else special for my supporters...  How about this.  You gift me 3... more

09 August

The blog has added a new section on character builds. Fully fleshed-out characters in 4th Edition and 5th Edition D&D, high-tootin cowpokes in Deadlands, and starfaring folk in Starfinder and Star... more

18 June

We're LIVE!  Caffeine is so exciting...  But seriously, folks, this page is just a direct line to help support me and the things I do.  A great option for peeps who want to help out but don't want... more

17 June


$1014 of $5000 goal reached!

Crush my soul-crushing debt. After that, we push toward writing our first book set in Io (title revealed soon).