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$55 of $5000 goal reached!

Quit Uber and create art full-time.

Thanks for you interest in my art! It brings me incredible joy creating and sharing it. I create it using software, allowing me to produce multiple pieces per day....

but, like many artists, I'm broke, and need to eat. So I spend my days driving Uber. Which means less art, and less happiness, for everybody.

Here is how to get some fun art and support my dream of being a full-time and fully-fed artist:

Donate something, anything! I don't know what kind of magic force field is holding people back, but only 2 brave souls have donated. To thank these generous supporters, I have decided to shower them with art. A donation of $5 or more will add you to this exclusive club.

ThanksForBeingBeautiful and thanks for your support!

Humphrey Dogart

BTW, I will happily email hi-res files to my supporters for printing. The 8x10 panel print and greeting card I did look amazing! And I suspect you could print much larger on canvas. You could also do shirts, mugs, phone cases, greeting cards and more. Let's create something beautiful!

Carrie Sublett bought 5 bone.s.

Your art and generosity with it are inspiring!! YOU are the beautiful one. Thank for for the lovely art you’ve done of Shabba and Cowboy. I would love the hi-res versions. 

Raquel bought a bone..

Thanks for supporting me and my dream!❤️ 

Andrea bought a bone..

Thanks for following Man, your work is so fun! And personally I always enjoy a great Uber ride especially one with great music! 

Thanks for the bone! I've given over 11 thousand Uber rides. Plug in the aux cord and keep an eye out for some Manly art coming soon.❤️ 

Carrie Sublett bought 4 bone.s.

Thank you for the beautiful art of my dog Shabba. It was an unexpected and beautiful gift. 

Thanks for being my first bone thrower! And a generous one at that! While I can't quit my day job, being an Uber driver, you have inspired me to continue giving generously and dreaming of the day. ❤️ 😊 


$55 of $5000 goal reached!

Quit Uber and create art full-time.