On late March, I launched a new website - vuenoob.com. Vue Noob is a learning platform targeting beginners to the Javascript framework VueJs. The website covers beginner Vue concepts to the more complex ones. Articles are detailed for learners of each level to easily understand the new concepts that they are being introduced to.

To make the learning practical, the concepts being introduced are accompanied by intuitive code examples that can easily be copied to local code editors to test, or can be viewed in action online on the links provided. All of the example code is also available in this github repo - https://github.com/vuenoob/code-examples

To make sure that readers are in-touch with the VueJs' world, Vue Noob's content starts from the latest version of VueJs, Vue 3.

I'll be adding more content in the near future including tutorials on using Vue frameworks and other real world examples.

If you are interested in learning VueJs, check out vuenoob.com.