Buy Meg Brierley a coffee


Some of my work takes the form of bookable and paid roles supporting women and families in pregnancy, birth and postnatally. That kind of support can't always be restricted to scheduled times. Anxiety, worry, questions...they come at any time.

I frequently offer guidance, support and signposting via email, text or on social media. I am starting to write blogs that I hope can inspire, inform and educate. When I am building my knowledge or training, and working with mentors, I offer free services in exchange for being used in mentored discussions. I love what I do and I want to be able to be there for those who need support and reassurance. But this part of my job is completely free of charge and often comes at times when I am with my family or having down time. If you value time that I may have spent supporting you, then I would really appreciate it if you fancied buying me a metaphorical brew