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Patrick Mitchell
Patrick Mitchell bought a coffee.

Hey Brett,Just wanted to thank you for putting together the VectorBlade cart.  I was one of the lucky folks able to buy one and I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in putting it together.  I haven't received it yet but I feel like you have put a lot of attention to detail into the project and I am happy to be able to play the game soon.  Thank you.

Thank you Patrick! Enjoy the game and please let the community know what you think about it. Merry Christmas! 🎄 

Marc Andre Sigle
Marc Andre Sigle bought 2 coffees.

Hi Brett, let's have a virtual coffee together. 😄I'm one of your few lucky Vectorblade customers. Your event was so much fun and super exciting. I was driving home by car at that time and had to take a break at the side of the street. But I followed your posted instructions and was well prepared, so I was successful. 😃 And now I'm very eager on playing that game. I'm relatively new to the Vectrex coming from my other misunderstood gaming system, the Virtual Boy. I think it's amazing what you (and a few others) are doing to keep the Vectrex alive. I appreciate that very much and being a non-technician I'm very impressed. Best regards, a Merry Christmas to you and your family and stay safe!Marc

Wow, thanks Marc! That's a great story and I hope you enjoy the game.  I only worked on my little piece of it for a few months, but Malban spent 3 years writing and perfecting it.  Please be sure to post your thoughts where you think they might be seen :D Merry Christmas! 🎄 

Chainsaw bought 2 coffees.

2 coffees because you are a Vectrexfan, and because you made happen, that I get a Vectorblade cartridge. THANKS.

Thank you Chainsaw! Congrats on your Vector War X scores!  Amazing 🔥 

LimitZer0 bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for everything!

Thanks Nate!

Tony Lindberg
Tony Lindberg bought a coffee.

Cheers. Have a coffee on me. /Tony

Thanks Tony!! 😍 ☕️ Just altered my grind today on this delicious coffee to make it sweeter.