Buy Jalina King a water


Hi! I'm Jalina, a young mom of two rainbow baby boys after three years of infertility. I worked for 6 years as a Lead X-ray tech. I'm addicted to fresh air, water, and chapstick.

Hi, there! I so appreciate you being here right now! Blogging is HARD, but I love it, and it is so worth it. Will you help me out?

Motherhood after infertility has a unique set of joys and emotional challenges. Unable to find the community I needed of other moms made after infertility and loss, I created THIS SIDE OF IF. I want to let other IF Mamas know they are not alone in their feelings and to let the world know how common and sucky infertility is!

I am forever grateful for any support you can give to help keep THIS SIDE OF IF running. My dream is to continue growing our family through adoption and to financially support both my husband and me to stay home with the babies we wanted to for so long.

Someone bought a water.