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Hello. I do @grumpyskeletor on Twitter and Facebook. Yes, that's literally it.

Hello! I've done over 2000 tweets as @grumpyskeletor on Twitter over the past 5 years. If you've enjoyed them (or wish to sympathise with me for having watched over 130 episodes of Masters of the Universe) and would like to buy me a coffee I'd be really grateful! I hope to develop a website and podcast in the upcoming months and any donations would help this become a reality! 
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Prince Adam’s a knob 

Abbie Griffiths
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Apparently, Mrs Brown’s Boys *could return this Christmas to SPREAD some festive cheer! Thought you’d like to know 😉 

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Love your stuff, always liked Skeletor. Yes I know we weren’t supposed to. Fantastic page 

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Seriously, your dry irascible sense of humor is like.... exactly... what I needed the other day. and like every day. January 21. Thanks kindly for adding something wonderful to the world. 

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