Pink Roses were Mammaw's favorite flower! Using softened rose photos I took years ago, I created this full designs, logo, website, social media, and brand colors with a pretty font! 

"You gotta have the bad days to know the good ones are good"  -Jessie May Lockhart 

She gave me these wise words while grieving the loss of my daughter Christian Tealor! Mammaw had lost my uncle Ronnie in an accident when he was just a toddler. She knew how to hurt and still be a mother! I had an infant son I needed to care for. I was Kevin's Mommy!

My Mammaw was the strongest woman I knew.  I am reminded of her constantly as she taught me to love unconditionally,  forgive regardless, strive for the top, endure to the end, give up your favorite robe, and most of all, Jessie May taught me how to let God hold me! 

I hope that thru this page,  blog, account, post... that I will begin a journey with some really special people! With so much going on in our lives these days, I just hope that I can "Share Happy"! 

In spite of everything I have been thru, I remain a positive optimistic with color and images flowing from my soul!

Thank you for joining me here!

Happily His,

-Tracy Ann🌸