Stop the flight attendant who wants to resign!

Because of the epidemic

The impact of the economic environment

There are too many flight attendants who want to quit recently

including me

Tell the truth

I really don't recommend everyone

I didn't do anything to prepare

"Direct and Naked Words"

After all, I retreat without getting ready

Will flash the waist

I will cut my own money

And most readers back then

Have experienced ninety-nine-eighty-one difficulties

Finally took off

It’s just maybe I didn’t expect it

The "Better Tomorrow" that I was thinking of

Will eventually be stomped down day after day

Turn on the time machine

Recovering myself when I first flew

You at that time


In order to run interviews with various companies

Bought a round-trip ticket to 3 cities at close to full price

The poor are left with face

Fortunately, the final face

I thought I was going to earn a high salary and go to the pinnacle of my life

I think I can't ask for money from my family anymore

The result was changed to the family’s initiative to give money

The house price is really too expensive

I feel hopeful in my future

Feel everything is fresh

The reality is that I want to cry every day after I get off the flight

Completely different from what I imagined

Dream of failing the exam

Woke up crying

Don't have to go from nine to five

Can wander around the world every day

I used to reply when I was scolded

Now I have learned to scold with "heart" with a smile

Why didn't I find a boyfriend when I was in school

! ! !

The training may be the hardest time in my life

It's also the most growing time

Far from home

Loneliness and freedom coexist

Landing home is an icy rental house

Mom and dad should take care of it


You scolded you

I fuck mine

Survived the first year of flying

There seems to be nothing scary in this life

I've been flying for 5 years in a blink of an eye

Forrest Gump once said

Life is like a box of chocolates

You never know what the next one is like

Sometimes you are very sad

I still have to get up early to fly the flight the next day

Speak frankly

Few people care about what you are going through

Whether it's good times or bad times

I still have to grit my teeth and walk the whole way

This is growth

Maybe you have been flying for a long time and have found the joy of flying

Maybe you didn’t stand up to the suffering and chose to change your job

At the moment you

Tangled and confused

Still happy

I only look forward to when you are old

Can be proud to say to your children

"I also tried hard for flying."