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I make atheist memes and I write pithy tweets for classic liberals, progressives, atheists and freethinkers. I’m a free speech and atheist advocate/activist.

Welcome to my “Buy Me a Coffee” page! By now you’ve probably realized there’s no actual coffee involved, just a good old boost of support- much like caffeine is to the body.

If you like my Twitter content, please consider buying a coffee (or three).

Your coffees support my activism which sometimes includes attending rallies, protests, and atheist/secular conventions and conferences.

Your support will also help in my other endeavor: developing and launching an atheism, religion & politics YouTube channel called “SkepticLee Speaking!”

SkepticLee Speaking on YouTube

This YouTube project is currently delayed until I can devote myself to it 100%. Until then I’m focusing on my internet capabilities, basic equipment, and the repair of my iMac.

Please give ONLY if you can comfortably afford to do so. I promise to never take advantage of your generosity and to only ask for help when absolutely necessary.

Thanks, you sexy infidels!♥️