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I make atheist memes and I write pithy tweets for classic liberals, progressives, atheists and freethinkers. I’m a free speech and atheist advocate/activist.

Welcome to my “Buy Me a Coffee” page! By now you’ve probably realized there’s no actual coffee involved, just a good old boost of support- much like caffeine is to the body.

If you like my Twitter content, please consider buying a coffee (or three).

Your coffees support my activism which sometimes includes attending rallies, protests, and atheist/secular conventions and conferences.

Your support will also help in my other endeavor: developing and launching an atheism, religion & politics YouTube channel called “SkepticLee Speaking!”

SkepticLee Speaking on YouTube

This YouTube project is currently delayed until I can devote myself to it 100%. Until then I’m focusing on my internet capabilities, basic equipment, and the repair of my iMac.

Please give ONLY if you can comfortably afford to do so. I promise to never take advantage of your generosity and to only ask for help when absolutely necessary.

Thanks, you sexy infidels!♥️

Rose Braden bought a coffee.

I’m glad you are in this world. 

Thanks for the coffee, babe!! But more importantly, thanks for making me smile and laugh today. I needed that. You’re awesome; and like a jolt of caffeine - you’re a wonderful boost of fun and much-needed cheerfulness in my day. Mwah! xx

Alan Ashton bought 3 coffees.

Haven't made it to one of these anywhere, so I have to support our play-by-play person! .

Happy to give a play-by-play when I have such awesome supporters, like you! Thank you so very much for the “coffee” boost - and if you do make it to one of these events I’ll buy YOU a coffee (or something stronger)! Thanks again for the help, Alan, you sexy infidel! You Rock!! Mwah!♥️

Rose Braden bought 3 coffees.

Awww, Rose, you shouldn’t have! But I’m glad you did!. Thank you very  much, babe. You’re so kind and generous. Sexy infidels, like you, just blow me away! Mwah! ♥️

Andy bought 5 coffees.

Wake up and smell the coffee. 

Cheerio, ole chap! Did I get that right, bruv. Just teasing you, my mate! Wake up and smell the appreciation, you sexy British infidel!! You’re the best, Andy. Always doing nice things for me. Mwah!♥️

Jill Manning (caffdtravels) bought 5 coffees.

Wish I could go too!!

Thank you so much, Jill, you sexy infidel!! I’m blown away by your generosity. I, too, wish you could go to the convention. I’d love to meet you! Thanks for the support. You’re the best!! xx♥️