We all know about KiwaiiStacie, yes? As much as I have a love/hate relationship with her mod Slice of Life... There was one part of it that caught my interest. Self Woohoo. Despite being a wicked whims user I liked the idea of using it was non-autonomous pick me up for those bad days my sim decides to have. I'm sure I can't have been the only one to not like the autonomy of it, much fewer mood restrictions and negative result moodlets? Who knows their body best? You do. So I disabled the autonomy of it, removed the mood restrictions, and removed the embarrassed and uncomfortable moodlet results. If you don't know what Slice of Life is or its creator KawaiiStacie you can find the original mod here: Slice of Life. The original mod itself is highly customizable, which in turn means you do not even need Slice of Life to logically use this or the original Self Woohoo files. Either way, Slice of Life has added a few minor details to my gameplay at this point I cannot play without.

Thanks 💜

My Download Link: FalseHope_SOLSelfWoohooSystem_Edit