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I just try to save my daughter's life.

Who are we?

We are a group of volunteers helping homeless animals in free time. Most of the time we spend at work and study, like ordinary people.

What are we doing?

To the best of our ability we save stray animals, most often those who suffered in car accidents and at the hands of human. We select them on our way and, whenever possible, help everyone in need.

Who is helping us?

We do not have and never had any state support. All treatment is provided through collected donations. We do not have and did not have a room, we use the hospitals of veterinary clinics, if there are have vacant places, and we take the animals found to our apartments, so we can not take animals to ourselves unlimitedly.

Join us, perhaps it’s you who will save someone’s life.

We are different, but similar in one thing: we cannot and do not want to pass animals that are in trouble, we try to help animals that were once unlucky - abandoned, faithful, lost, born on the street.

We DO NOT have a shelter, but we have practical experience, knowledge that we are ready to share with anyone who wants to give the animal a chance for a new life.

If you have the opportunity to help the animals - help now

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May God bless and keep you. 


$550 of $5000 goal reached!

I just try to save my daughter's life.