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$618 of $35000 goal reached

Help Nathan with Left Heart Hypoplasia Syndrome

$618 of $35000 goal reached

Help Nathan with Left Heart Hypoplasia Syndrome

Hello, dear benefactors!

I am writing to you with a huge motherly prayer and a request for help to my youngest son Nathan. He is only a few months old, but all this time he, like a real hero, is fighting for his life - every day and every minute!

Nathan was diagnosed with a complex heart defect at birth: “Left Heart Hypoplasia Syndrome (LHS). Atrial communication. Insufficiency of the tricuspid valve of the 2nd degree."

In simple words, Nathan has half his heart.
Everything was good during pregnancy and childbirth
however, on the second day, I sensed that something strange was happening to Nathan.

After a thorough examination, the doctors took my son to the intensive care unit, leaving me in fear and tears. Returning from intensive care, the doctor said: "It's even worse than we expected: the baby has heart failure and possibly a heart defect."

I could not believe that all this is happening to my boy! After the examination, the doctors were convinced that the baby had a congenital heart disease.

After the first operation, the baby developed blood clots in the inferior vena cava, and his condition was consistently grave. After the operations, Nathan was in intensive care all the time and was connected to a ventilator. So small, defenseless, covered in wires - it was not easy to look at it.

Nathan spent several months in a supine position. My son will have the next surgery to correct the defect - Glenn's surgery. We were billed for our further stay in the clinic with Nathan, examinations and Glenn's operation. Invoice amount - 35,000 EUR!

Dear benefactors, we ask you to help us collect such a large sum! All our relatives and friends have already actively helped us, but we still cannot cope without you.

We ask you, dear benefactors, for help: do not pass by our misfortune and give Nathan a chance for a happy childhood and life!

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