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Professional Pianist for Visualized Piano Performance Videos [YouTube]

Hi! I hope my performance will keep you happy all the time! I always try hard to show good piano performance! Your precious support helps me keep this work continuously. In addition, I can play piano pieces more wonderfully with the power of caffeine you give me. Thank you for your support!💕  -Kassia-

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Hi, I really enjoy your music! I'm concidering starting to learn piano myself and your vids really inspire me :D keep goin'

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Thank you so much for your support!!:) I will not forget your support!:) Please keep watching! Thank you!:)💕

Vic Jang
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Love all your performances, as always! Hope you're doing well.

Thank you so much for 10 coffees, Vic Jang:)💕 Your support is always helpful for my channel. Until now, the corona virus has not been solved. Please be careful and keep healthy:)

Vitaliy Dunkerley
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I don't think I would be able to make it through this pandemic if it wasn't for you. Thank you for all the music! 💕

Wow, I can't believe it!:) Thank you so much for the 100 coffees, Vitaliy. I am really moved. As you said, I know that most people have a hard time in this pandemic. I appreciate your support in this pandemic. I hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. Please keep watching my channel like now. I will prepare lots of good performances. Also, if you want to listen to the specific pieces, please let me know! Thanks again!!:) Have a great day, Vitaliy:)💕

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I know it isn't a lot but I hope it will help a bit at least :). I started watching your channel at about 20k subscribers and through my entire journey with classical music your interpretations of all my fav pieces have been here with me. It truly does mean a lot to see someone put this much emotion and effort into performances and giving it out for free for everyone to enjoy. Also I know it was a little while ago now but congrats on finding a new house I hope you feel good with it :)! Anyways I hope to continuously support your channel in all the ways I can. Thank you 😁

Thank you for the coffees, Vigghen:) I am really happy that you like my channel!:) With your words, I can prepare lots of good performances! As you said, I moved to a new house, and have been settling down. I hope that you and your family are healthy and safe. Thank you again!!:)💕 Have a great day!!

Looking forward to every single one, stay safe as well 😄 

Thank you so much!!:)💕