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Professional Pianist for Visualized Piano Performance Videos [YouTube]

Hi! I hope my performance will keep you happy all the time! I always try hard to show good piano performance! Your precious support helps me keep this work continuously. In addition, I can play piano pieces more wonderfully with the power of caffeine you give me. Thank you for your support!💕  -Kassia-

Moises Jimenez Torres
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Hi Kassia! I am glad to support you again and be your 105 supporter! Keep up showing us this beautiful videos!! I am a big fan of you! Thank you for creating your channel, it's really helpful for me! I hope my support can be helpful for you. I know that 1 coffee is a little, but I hope I could support you more in the near future! Keep up the good performances and keep safe from the coronavirus. 😃 😄 

Hi, Moises. I always appreciate your support. With your support, my channel can grow quickly. I am really happy that you like my performance. I will remember all your support.💕 If you need to talk or and help, always contact me through Insta. Meanwhile, I hope that you and your family stay safe and healthy. 

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Thank you for 3 coffees!:)💕

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Hello, Kassia! You're fantastic! Keep going! 👍 In a future video, will you consider playing Manos Hatzidakis? Manos Hatzidakis widely considered as one of the greatest Greek composers and songwriters of all time! One suggestion for example is his work 'Solitude' (you will find it on YouTube by pianist Dora Bakopoulos), or anything else you like! Thank you very much in advance! All the best for you, your family and your friends!

Hi, Jason!! Thank you for your support. For the piece which you recommend, I will try to consider it. Thank you for your suggestion.💕 I hope that you and your family stay safe and healthy. 

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Love your playing! Keep going for a while 

Thank you for your support, MrMenshavik!:) I will try to upload performance with lots of great pieces. Please keep watching! Thank you!💕

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Thank you so much!!:)💕