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I'm a traveller, pet-sitter and creative soul who loves to design beautiful images for social media. I am based in Vietnam at the moment and would love you to shout me a coffee!

Welcome to my page! I would love to share my designs with you and if you like them, please buy me a coffee!

All proceeds go towards my work as a Volunteer Shelter Manager at PAWS For Compassion Danang. Your support helps with my daily transport costs between the dog and cat shelters and also my costs to help create social media and educational graphics for the organization.

All images are JPG and optimized for Instagram. All you need to do is plug, post and start the conversation with your audience.

The designs are in minimalistic black and white and can be easily suited to any brand.

I would love to hear ideas about what you would like designed for your social media accounts. I am also able to collaborate with you and customize content for your brand.

Feel free to reach out to me at my Facebook page or by email - [email protected]

All designs remain the Copyright of Erinn Carney

You are granted use of your files for personal and business use, including reproduction.

You cannot resell the designs