Often we get stuck with a certain mental-emotional pattern, a repeating cycle of negative thoughts and difficult emotions, feeding on each other. What is the way out of this stuckness? Try this as a possibility:

1) Honor the stuckness, allow it to be there, don't fight with it, which only intensifies the stuckness

2) Take a breath, sense the physical sensations of the body, open up for some curiosity about your physical experience

3) Think of someone you love/like and who loves/likes you, and think of a place in nature that you love to be. This provides some resources to meet the difficulties inside

4) Include infinite space. Be aware that your mental, emotional and physical experience is happening within an infinite expanse of space. Notice what this awareness does to your experience of the moment

5) Allow time to let the stuckness dissolve by itself, rather than trying to push a solution