One way of describing meditation is: to be fully present in the here and now, AS the presence of the here and now.

What does this mean, in practice? How can we do that?

The reality is: we can't!

In meditation, there is no-one there, no separate doer, and no doing. There is just presence, and events and experiences.

Meditation means to step out of the idea of being someone who is doing something.

... And then the impulse comes, to ask: And how can I do that ...?

But with this question, we are going in circles!

We can't do meditation.

Meditation happens as a result of an understanding, an insight.

The insight that I am already here, present, as presence.

There is nothing to do.

So there is just to sit back, and relax.

Even when in action.

And enjoy.

And marvel at the mystery and wonder of it all.

We are already home.