Judgment separates, compassion unites.

As we look at ourself or others through any kind of label, conclusion, belief or judgment, we loose sight of who we or the other REALLY is. When looking at the other we think we see her or him, but what we are seeing is to a large extent our own creation. In psychological language, we see our own projected (created) reality, overlaid on what is truly there.

And I agree with what all spiritual teachings claim, that there truly IS something fundamentally real there, underneath our projections and creations (counter to the postmodernistic view that tends to treat all of 'reality' as social and psychological construction).

Who each of us truly is, could, as an attempt, perhaps be described something like this:

Each of us is a pulsating, sensitive, vulnerable, powerful and open presence, a living Being, a mysterious, unique spark of living essence, here on earth for just a few short years, as a wonder facing the wonder of it all.

Life is wonder, life is magic, life is celebration!

We tend to get caught up in all kinds of things that block the experience of that.

But what are we here for, really, if not to discover who we truly are as freedom and love? And to learn more about what love and freedom is? And to live and express our capacities to the fullest extent possible, to learn how to love more fully and more deeply, and to wonder, celebrate, share and contribute?

To do so requires quite some commitment to inner 'work', and to face pain, fear and shadows within. To clear away what stands between us and a clear seeing and sensing of a greater, truer, deeper reality. A reality more real, more satisfying, more rich and full and meaningful than that which our thinking, planning, regretting and worrying mind tends to create.

And yet we can also tap into this greater or deeper dimension of who and what we truly are so easily, right away, simply by stopping for a moment, taking a breath, letting go of engagement with thinking, and returning to the immediacy of our sensing and experiencing in this moment. And to the immediacy of being the space of awareness for our experience in this moment.

Relating from the Heart can, perhaps, be described as a way of relating where we are in touch with who we really are, beyond our personality structure, habitual patterns, defensive coping mechanisms, and personal histories. And being in touch with that in others in this way, relating to others AS this, at the same time.

And yet, again, what we really are is too big, too mysterious, to open, to be described in any simple way.

We really only know it by BEING it.

And when two people meet from a space of this kind of mysterious knowing-in-the-moment, it is true connection, pure contentment, pure satisfaction, pure expansion, free unfoldment.

And in the meantime, and always: to accept and celebrate this moment just as it is, also with our habits, projections, fears, pains, attachments, desires, aversions and difficulties --- our full humanness.