After a big dry spell, I played with some string to see what it would look like. I did the first layer a week or two ago. And I’m working on more layers today.

This technique is done by wetting the paper, cutting a bunch of thread to size, and then use water to pin them down to the paper however you want them to lay. then you do a wet on wet technique filling the spaces between the threads you can make all types of shapes the first time I tried this I cut a long piece and curled it a few of times. What I got then is below.

You want to work fast with this because if the paper dries, the thread no longer lays flat. Wait until the whole thing dries before removing the thread. Can be done with larger string or thinner string (I accidentally stumbled upon this because one of my hairs fell onto a paper I was painting on when I was just messing around.

Until Next time!