We do not need things, what we need is the capability to have whatever we want at the exact moment we want it. That is why most of the people in the world is seeking money, because money being a liquid asset has the characteristic of being able to change to things that we want. But to give it a deeper thought, money is not able to buy everything. Things like: love, peace, health. There must be another that is able to give us whatever we need in this human life every moment of our time. "Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost." Isaiah 55: 1

And surprisingly enough, it is actually not another but our own BEINGNESS as SPIRIT.

我们真正需要的不是东西,而是一种在任何时候想要什么就能有什么的能力。这就是为什么大多数人都追求更多的钱,因为钱作为一种流动资产有一种能换我们想要的东西的属性。但仔细地想一想,并不是所有的东西钱都可以换的, 例如爱,平安,健康。一定有另一个钱以外的能给与我们所想要的。 “你 们 一 切 乾 渴 的 都 当 就 近 水 来 ; 没 有 银 钱 的 也 可 以 来 。 你 们 都 来 , 买 了 吃 ; 不 用 银 钱 , 不 用 价 值 , 也 来 买 酒 和 奶 。“ 以赛亚 55:1

你会很惊奇的发现,这并不是另一个,而是你自己的灵, 你唯一的生命。