"When that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away" 1 Cor. 13:10. We thought our understanding is limited, but dont we know God is One, and he has only one Mind that is limitless? Are we really separated from Him or we are in Him not knowing this? And if God is light, is He able to light up all darkness, then what is darkness? Isn't it just a lie? Small wonder He told us to be rooted and grounded in truth. It is a finished world, a conquered world.

"但那完全的來到時,這有限的將被廢除“ 哥前13:5 我们误以为我们的理解力是有限的,但难道我们忘了神是独一的,他独一的思也是无限的吗?我们是在罪里与他分离的,还是我们和他是合一的却不知道呢?如果神是光,那他不是有大能可以照亮所有的阴暗角落呢,那黑暗又是什么?不是一个惊天大谎言吗?难怪他要让我们深深的扎根在真理中 - 这是一个完美世界,一个从未被玷污过的世界。