Jan 28, 2022

What do you want 你想要什么?

Do not be deceived by your past experience and knowledge, nothing is inherently good or bad. If you desire things in this world, do not let your mind tell you we should only pursue spiritual things rather than earthly things. You desire more, because you are capable of having more. Earthly things is just another aspect of the spiritual. Ask yourself quietly and deeply till you feel it: What is that you really want? And know you already have it. That's the secret. ... more

Jan 22, 2022

No healing required 没有需要治愈的

Take a minute to quiet down... just think of this:Could it be a possibility that the whole life you are living right now is just a drama that you are so engaging with? That means if you believe this is your only life it could be a total lie about your true self, it is the veil that blocks your eternal glory that is shining and bright. Promise yourself, from today onwards, you will only think and behave from your inner beauty, nothing else. If you waiver, bring yourself back to truth, seventy... more

Aug 09, 2021

Promised Land = Rest Land 应许之地 = 安息地

We thought we need to have faith to enter the promised land, then faith itself becomes work to us. The very reason the land is called Promised Land is that it is a promise which hinges upon the absolute goodness of God himself not on filthy rags of our personal doings. Faith is knowing the truth that we are not to do anything or obtain anything (including faith itself) in order to be and stay in the promised land, this finished work is the solid foundation we are to build everything upon. In... more

Jun 06, 2021

Consciousness is never a thing 意识绝非事物

Consciousness is outside mind, and to be truly creative we will have to think outside cause and effect. Cause and effect is hugely rooted in human thinking based on tradition. The biggest obstacle we have is we never see, feel and experience consciousness, but we see thoughts, feel feelings and experience stories so we conclude this is us - the body with mind and emotions. Consciousness is never a thing, it is the essence of the thing. The ultimate objective for the appearance of the thing,... more

May 29, 2021

Effortless. Priceless. 自然. 无价.

The real consciousness the real you is not claiming anything but owns everything. It cannot be defined, by the very act of defining we are giving it a boundary, but it is boundless and timeless. This is a space of absolutely no efforts.... more

May 11, 2021

No Learning 没有学习的过程

There's no seeking no learning. The substance is not in the words but in that which is without words. How can the perceived become perceiving? There's no progressiveness in this entire process. Awareness is true BEINGNESS, there's nothing greater than awareness. The moment we put something above this awareness, we creates a false God unto ourselves. So we do not use our awareness to change circumstances, rather we surrender to awareness - becoming one with our awareness, we... more

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