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Chris Rancie
Chris Rancie bought 5 coffees.

Thank you, Chris. I appreciate it.

Tom [email protected] bought 5 coffees.

Like your work; stay safe in these troubling times!

Thank you, Tom. All things considered the situation is pretty chill in Tokyo. I'm not an American but grew up there and it's really hard to watch what's happening there. If that's where you are please take care. Thanks again for your support.

Ian Harpur
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Niiya-San's training sessions make me ill just reading them.

It was great that they shared them. Glad you got something out of them. Thanks for your support.

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Thanks for all you do!

Thanks very much for your support.

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Love this blog. Refreshing change from the meanspiritedness of the LetsRun message boards (and its bleedover into some of the content) and the materialism of

Thank you, I appreciate the kind words very much. Take care.