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Nice to meet you, I am Zuleika, Zu for short :) i hope you will enjoy the journey that i am on! and also that you can get the most out of life by trying it out for yourself.

so I had this moment of clarity, where i noticed i was only living from worrying about wat could go wrong and preparing for those types of situations. However i found that most of the time because i was preparing for the worst, i would uncounciously make small desicions towards the undesired outcome and thats when i desided on 5 februari 2019 to stop this habit of worrying about worst case scenario's and conciously turn it into thinking about the "what if i go and worry into the positive direction... towards succes?" so now i am actively thinking forward and prepping for succes scenario's instead of doom scenario's. this thinking forward gives a lot of opportunity's and inspiration to do what i really want to do in life and helps me to live in the now and really love what i am doing day to day. join me !