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The Homegoing of Eveni Mamoe Eveni Jr. | ...

The Homegoing of Eveni Mamoe Eveni Jr. | May 16, 1946 - July 22, 2022

Aug 26, 2022

I had gotten the opportunity to work on the Funeral Program and few montage videos for the family of Eveni Mamoe Eveni Jr. and definitely thankful for it. Down below are the other Slideshow/Montage videos including the Opening Sequence/Presentation, and a more traditional Photo Spread - Inspired Slide Show. I hope you enjoy!

All support through tips, shares, likes are very much appreciated and if you are looking to get a Slideshow/Montage completed for your event you can email me at [email protected] and I’d love to help you out!

But for now, here’s the Opening Sequence for the Service of Tama Toeaina Malolo Eveni Mamoe Eveni Jr.

And here is the Photo Spread - Inspired Picture Slide Show!

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