Ethan’s Wishlist
Stündenglass Premium Gravity Bong

I would love this because it'd be really great to shoot some content with. I'm also looking for a better way to consume the cannabis and this would be a much better option over smoking directly from a joint/bong. 

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Adobe Creative Suite Subscription

I would love this because Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the tools that I use to power the creativity for ifeni! A subscription for 12-months would help me so much!

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Nikon Z 30 - One Lens

I would love to get this because it would help with the content creation process for ifeni! Right now, I use my iPhone 13 Pro Max so this would be a lovely addition to the creative process. 

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Tripod Desk

This would be a great addition to ifeni because it would allow me to have a stable place to work on, wherever I go! It’s also ideal for using the projector when presenting. 

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Apple MacBook Pro 13’

I would love this Apple MacBook Pro because it would allow me to take ifeni away from my desk and into the world, digitally as a nomad! This gives me the opportunity to take ifeni on the go and create anywhere, anytime and anyplace which is my ultimate goal.

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