Tipping in the United States can be confusing, to say the very least. From dining out to tipping your valet, tipping can be a socially awkward scenario in which you might feel like you are either not tipping enough, or perhaps doing it wrong.

As there aren't clearly defined rules on tipping, I wanted to do my own research as it's a subject that here in America, we receive no formal education on. If you have been confused or embarrassed about knowing how, when, or how much to tip here in America, you certainly are not alone. This video is for you.

In this video, I share my research findings regarding the history of tipping in America, the complexities of the tipped minimum wage, my two cents on the future of tipping (amplified by the pandemic and the expansion of the creative economy), and most importantly, how/when/what to tip in different scenarios where tipping might be expected.


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