October 2021 Recap + Setting Financial Goals for November 2021
New month, new money goals! In this video, I review wins and hard truths from the past month and set intentions for November 2021, the new month ahead. What are some of your financial goals for the month of November or personal wins from October? Drop it in the comments below!

Nov 09

Free Flashcards of Blockchain Terms

Found this awesome resource today, and had to share! Downloadable free flashcards/terms/definitions for Blockchain terms.

Oct 23

How To Make Money with IG Reels Play Bonus Program
Instagram just launched another incentive program for creators! This time, you can earn money with &

Oct 15

Everything You Need to Know About Tipping in the United States in 2021
Tipping in the United States can be confusing, to say the very least. From dining out to tipping you

Oct 11

Simmer Pot Real Talk: Not Having Health Insurance + That Time I Injured Myself Going Live
Real talk: I don't have health insurance. On my journey to financial freedom, there are so many

Oct 03

Sunday Self Date for Only $6 (I spent it on pens!)
Self-dating is a vibe, and I wish I would've given it a try sooner. On Sunday, I took myself ou

Sep 24

Everything You Need to Know About Tipping in the United States in 2021
The Antifragile Approach to Financial Trauma
The YOLO Economy & The Great Resignation
Unpacking The Over-Giving Wound
The ROI of Abundant Thinking