We enter different scenarios (businesses, relationships, experiences) expecting an ROI of some kind; however, what if the limit to what you can receive simply doesn't exist? What if your return is actually infinite? That the one and only catch to you receiving it [whatever you want it to be] is that you can't try to calculate it, you can't try to predict or expect where or who it's coming from, but rather that you simply have to know it's on its way and be ready (and open) to receive it?

So much of life is frittered away worrying about the future we can't predict, operating out of fear constantly keeping us in a perpetuating cycle of self-limiting beliefs, and drowning in what-ifs, and yet we rarely what-if positively in the here and now. We can all "what if" this present moment by receiving everything (the good, the bad, the bizarre) with gratitude, expecting awesome, and decluttering anything holding that holds us back from the belief that good can happen endlessly. Be it self-limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, negative thought patterns, all of it has got to go if you want to position yourself to receive the never-ending abundance of now.

This is the energy I want to step into this month; expecting the best, decluttering what is holding me back, getting super-specific on what it is I want, and becoming fully present with gratitude in the here and now. My catcher's mitt is ready to receive with gratitude whatever the universe wants to throw at me. Let's bring it on.