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When will I get back to normal live-streaming?

Feb 23, 2021

Well, the First Minister laid out her roadmap today for things getting back to some normality in Scotland. She's taking a cautious and slow approach, which is frustrating but sensible.

It'll likely be late April until things return to more what they were like in the summer. Fingers crossed that'll be when I can get back into the phonebox, visit a few more castles, and relax in the cafes and pubs again.

It feels like forever since I've been able to do those things, I'm certainly bored with being cooped up at home most of the time, and I can't wait to get back out and entertain my viewers again, but I know it has to be this way to try to eliminate the virus from Scotland. Hopefully you'll all understand that too.

In the meantime, I hope you join me for some spring walks, and keep an eye out for my Twitter Spaces if you can join them.

Stay safe everyone!

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