Buy My MMX Collection a coffee


I collect everything MEGAMAN X! I do it for fun and preservation ;)

(Page and project started May, 2019)


I am a huge Megaman X fan and I decided to start an online museum via Instagram to keep track of my Megaman X related games, merchandise and memorabilia.

Please visit my page here:

I already own a fairly decent collection. I know it can be bigger and better! but that's quite an expensive feat.

By collaborating to this museum of sorts, you will help grow and better preserve my obse-- *ejhem*, my collection... dedicated X-clusively to the Megaman X franchise. All and any donations will be used for this purpose only.

I will also be doing more content like video reviews, a podcast, news and whatever else comes to mind!

X is peace, X is love, X is everything! Let's fight for everlasting collection ≧◡≦!!!