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Jamie Phillips is a Senior DevOps/Cloud/Site Realibility Engineer who works remotely from East Tennessee. I have been blogging and contributing to OSS since 2010.

Welcome to my BMC page. If you like the content on my website, please consider buying me a coffee.

I am also the creator and maintainer of the following Cake Build Addins.

  • Cake.XdtTransform
  • Cake.Squirrel
  • Cake.Netlify
  • Cake.AppPackager
  • Cake.FTP

I have contributed to the following OSS projects as often as time allows.

  • Cake Build Tool
  • Wyam
  • NUnit
  • Terraform
  • Packer

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@LGTririot bought 3 coffees.

You saved my butt with your post, Using OneDrive with Linux. I really like your writing style and directness. Also, BMC reminds me of how the creators of SAMBA took pizza coupons for donations. Keep up the good work. LG

Thank you for the coffee and the kind words. I am glad that post was helpful.

Bruce Douglas Kyle
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Thank you for the coffee.

Someone bought a coffee.

Your guide, "Deploying Dash to Azure App Service" saved me so many headaches. Enjoy the coffee!

Thank you and I am glad you found it helpful.

Xander Gerrmann
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Tahnk you for the dash + google app engine example!

Your welcome and thank you for the coffee!

Alan Dev
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Thanks for the tip on getting azure-cli installed on Mint!

Thanks for the kind words and the coffee.