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Jamie Phillips is a Senior DevOps/Cloud/Site Realibility Engineer who works remotely from East Tennessee. I have been blogging and contributing to OSS since 2010.

Welcome to my BMC page. If you like the content on my website, please consider buying me a coffee.

I am also the creator and maintainer of the following Cake Build Addins.

  • Cake.XdtTransform
  • Cake.Squirrel
  • Cake.Netlify
  • Cake.AppPackager
  • Cake.FTP

I have contributed to the following OSS projects as often as time allows.

  • Cake Build Tool
  • Wyam
  • NUnit
  • Terraform
  • Packer

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Thanks for the tutorial on standing up a REST API w/Polaris!  Next I'll look to your blog on containerizing it - thanks again!

Thank you for the coffee and keep an eye out for that post.

Clara McKenzie
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Super helpful tips and tricks for Terraform

Thank you for the coffee and I am glad you are finding those helpful.

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge in a simple concise manner it really helped me to understand polaris better. Thanks again and keep up the good work . 

Thank you for the coffee and the kind words.

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Thank you for the coffee.

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