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Tia is the ADHD brain behind the Little Miss Lionheart blog. She's also a Harry Potter fanatic and coffee addict with a love for writing and a passion for helping.

Little Miss Lionheart was created to give helpful relevant support to Women struggling with ADHD, Anxiety, and their Wellness in general.

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thanks for the awesome information. its helping me put the pieces together and understand that what I'm dealing with is not unique.

Jessica S.
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This article was a fantastic read and very helpful.  I just recently, in my late thirties, was finally dogs owed with ADD, (inattentive type) and even after going on medication, am still struggling, daily with ALL the nuances that accompany this.  But every single thing you talked about I can relate to and it truly helps to feel validated.  I’m making my husband and some close family/friends read this too so they can maybe relate a little better to the struggle which is VERY REAL!!!! Thank you! 

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Thanks for writing to help more ppl.
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