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Hello, I am Aaron.

Life lessons often change people and make us look at life differently. In April 2019, I had a close-to-death encounter with my new born son. The experience taught me to relook at the world through the lens of a small child. What sort of world do I want my kids and his friends to live in? How can I positively influence the world? It was this self-discovery which led me to why I do what I do.

While technology has improved our lives, we are more connected digitally than ever, our lifespan has more than doubled; humans, are unhappy. Every 40 seconds, someone chooses to end their lives because they fail to see hope. We are less connected with one another on a human level.

My optimism is not innate. It comes from losing some of the things temporarily that I took for granted. I had Bell’s palsy twice in my life. For a period of nine months, I lost the ability to smile, blink and speak. I had to relearn how to speak. I am grateful and consider myself one of the lucky ones as life told me the importance of health and appreciate the things that we have.

Positivity brings out the best in us and it's our mission to build a global community to inspire, one story at a time. If all of us are focusing on becoming a better future-self together, we can co-create a much better future for our children. And that's worth doing.