I hate to sound age-ist..🥴 but why the hell am I in my mid twenties and I am falling asleep before 9pm!? Gone are the days of going out Friday night until 5 am Saturday morning and somehow making it in to your 11am mid shift to flip burgers. I want to feel young and free but the truth is I just have way to many real-life responsibilities to keep up with. I dont want to sound like I am complaining because I truly love my life(aside from the crippling anxiety) I tend to enjoy my day to day routine, I just wish I had the energy for all the fun things at the end of the day! Maybe this is where all the wellness and self care focus comes in. We need to feed our body the proper foods to generate the energy we need to go and get litty like a titty with our friends on the weekend. Moral of the story take care of your body during the day, so you can stay awake to drink at night.