If you are an active player, you must have played online games where you found a dozen games to play; those portals are called Game portals.

So, this reading will help you learn the seven most popular game portals with the highest number of players, but before talking further. I'm telling you what the actual game portal is.

What is a game portal?  

Customers can access a variety of high-quality games with different genres (action, adventure, sport, racing, casino, board etc.) through the Game Portal service, which provides the gateway for games developed on the HTML5 platform.

Benefits of the Game portal:  

There are several benefits of game portal development for business:

  • Games and applications currently make up a significant share of the digital media sector, and making game portals is potentially a profitable revenue stream.

  • A game portal's most popular business strategy is a subscription-based service. Users can access hundreds of high-quality games for a reasonable daily, weekly, or monthly subscription price.

  • Game portals can also be used for branding purposes or to keep engaged users on your website to enhance your online appearance.

Popular Online game portals worldwide  

Here's a list of the seven most popular game portals that feature loaded with hundreds of online games to enjoy.

Gamix In   

Gamix.in is a free gaming website where you can enjoy 50+ ad-free games. You can play Gamix's game online without registering or creating any, I'd. Moreover, the portal is loaded with multiplayer games, so you can also enjoy gaming with your family and friends. You can visit Gamix.in by clicking here.

Featured Games:

  • Ludo Champ

  • Slots

  • The Rowdy Jax

  • Corona Hit


Cartoon Network 

If you are a fan of the cartoon network and have a dream of playing games with the Cartoon network's characters, then you can visit the Cartoon Network game portal and can play for hours.

Cartoon Network is home to your favorite cartoons and free games. You can play games online with Cartoon Network characters from Ben 10, Adventure Time, Apple and Onion, and many more.

Featured Games:

  • Jump City Rescue

  • Mayhem

  • Halloween Sugar

  • Summer Games

  • How to Draw COTC Characters


Agame game portal is another popular game portal, loaded with free online games. Agame has a 100+ good variety of online games. Most games are mini-games related to kids, racing, adventure, and action genre. It is a totally free online game and doesn't require a download to play the game made up of no-download, totally free online games. However, the display interface feels highly busy and may interfere with your ability to play games. Well, there is a big benefit to playing games on the Agame portal. The platform doesn't ask to sign-in to play the game.

Featured Games:  

  • Bank Robbery

  • Football brawl

  • Keep Zombie away

  • Mars Tomorrow

  • Troll Face Quest


Crazygames.com offers 1000+ free online games related to action, adventure, and several other genres. The most recent and top free online games can be found at CrazyGames. Playing enjoyable games is possible without being bothered by downloads, bothersome advertisements, or pop-up windows. Start your favourite games in your web browser immediately and enjoy impeccable gameplay.

Crazy's games are playable on desktop and mobile platforms. That includes everything from desktop PCs, laptops, and Chromebooks, to the latest smartphones and tablets from Apple and Android.

Featured Games:  

  • 8 Ball Pool

  • 3D Stair race

  • Super Animal Soccer

  • Penalty Shooter

One.FC Games

One.Fc is a portal enabled with One.Fc.com, a popular "Asia's largest sports media property, on a mission to celebrate the true beauty of martial arts through the development of global superheroes." The portal is loaded with 10+ martial art games with several social features. Users can create I'd using Facebook, Google, or Apple I'd.

Featured Games:

Pogo Game 

Popular games like Plants vs. Zombies, Scrabble, and many other good games are live on the Pogo portal to play for free. Visitors can spend hours of leisure time playing games on Pogo.com without any interruption. However, in order to play the site's free online games, you must register, and each game has a number of advertisements. Some games' long loading screens might hamper the enjoyment of playing online games.

Featured Games:  

  • World Whomp HD

  • Poppit! HD

  • Spades HD

Poki Games 

On your PC, you can play online versions of all the most well-known Android games, like Subway Surfer, Bullet Force, and many others, thanks to Poki. When playing Android games on a PC, Poki.com eliminates the hassle of installing an emulator to play the game. Users who wish to play their preferred Android Shooter games with a keyboard and mouse should visit POki.com website.

Featured Games:  

  • Crossy Road

  • Subway Surfer

  • Narrow One

Here, I have told all the popular game portals; now I will discuss a game portal development company that can help you leverage your business with unique, responsive, and interactive game portal development solutions.

How to outsource Game portal development solutions? 

Game development and web development are two different things and require specific expertise to develop each one, and you can get excellent results by outsourcing from the right development agency.

So, if you are looking for a game portal development agency, you can hire Gamix Labs. Gamix Labs -- is a full-cycle game development studio. Gamix Labs has developed and delivered 250+ projects that also comprised game portals; Gamix Labs provides game artwork, animations and development solutions in one place.

Gamix Labs has developed and delivered some of the best game portals that are listed as the finest playing portal and are loved by worldwide players. Gamix Labs' team delivered one of the most played of One.Fc and also delivered One.Fc game portal, which is live.

Gamix.in is another demo Game portal of Gamix Labs, designed to publish their mini-games to offer Free online games to worldwide players.

Wrapping up:  

I hope this blog will help you in learning about the Game portal and its development. Moreover, I have helped those readers who are looking for a development agency by telling them about the finest game portal development agency that has delivered various game portals.