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Hello dear friends and followers.

My Name is Alexander Benesch, but it is okay to just address me as Alex.

I am from Germany but have spent more than half of my life in Denmark, where I have been teaching special needs students, among many other activities.

I am passionate about teaching and I have many thoughts and opinions about pedagogy, education, and social issues. I believe that our education systems need a major revolution to be fit for the challenges that humanity faces in the 21st century.

That is why I decided to write about it.

I created this page to provide an easy way for my readers to support my work. So, if you like what I do, you can buy me a coffee. I usually prefer Latté, by the way.

You can find me on my private blog. This is where I write about education, pedagogy, politics, sustainability, and other matters. I also offer tutoring and pedagogical consultations, which you can book through my website.

I also write on Medium.

If you want to connect with me, you can do so via Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook. You can also send me a classic email.

About me

I have also other passions than teaching, of course. I love the outdoors and nature and I can think of no better mindfulness practice than a long nature hike.

I read a lot and I play guitar as well.

I have traveled to many corners of the world and I have also been organizing international study travels for my students.

In my private life, I tend to be more introverted. So if you want to look for me in person, your best bet is to scout the small, cozy coffee shops or parks and recreation areas.

Thank you very much for the coffee! Thank you for the support and many greetings from Berlin.

Alexander Benesch - Educator, and Writer

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