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Back in 2001 I started dreaming intensely. I had just landed the job of my dreams and was excitedly expecting a promotion. It was no ordinary job; I was given the opportunity to open a new planning cell within a huge entertainment group, working alongside brilliant minds. We were talking possibilities, future.

When in dreams I received confirmation that the new position was already mine (although it took over a month to materialize in the 3D world), it triggered the need to start writing them down. This was December 2002.

Over the years, up to 8 different scenes/stories came back with me when waking up, but it wasn´t until 2020 that it occurred to me that I had enough material -18 years-worth of dreams- to present an explanation of how reality works from the perspective of the dreaming experiences.

I devoted the 2020 Summer to catalogue the dreams and start the writing process. 

Besides working on The Book of Dreams and the illustrations that will come with it, I will also embark on the journey of dreaming throughout the world, in places conducive to this connection and actively explore conscious dreaming and group dreaming.

Further information: [email protected]