Top 5 Windows hidden features I bet you didn't know about

May 30, 2021
  • Dictation Tool - Feeling bored of typing down things, let's dictate it to windows.
    Tap on the mic icon, stop typing and start dictating.
    Windows Key + H

  • Snip & Sketch - Capture the current screen and add desired things to it.
    Windows Key + Shift + S

  • Screen Recorder - Records the screen, without installing additional software.

    Windows Key + G > Capture > Record Screen

  • Video Editor - Get an inbuild video editing tool.

Search for 'Video Editor' and click on the best match

  • Office apps - No need to have licensed versions of office 365, windows offers it for free.

    Search for 'Office' and click on the best match

  • Currency converter - Were you browsing websites to see currency conversion values ? Not only currency here we have all conversions available length, temperature ….
    Search for 'Calculator' and click on the best match > Conversion option

  • Paint 3D - Create 3d images with inbuilt app.

    Search for 'Paint 3D' and click on the best match

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